SUPs are everywhere. The sport has boomed over the last few years, and there are now more inflatable stand-up paddleboards (ISUPs) than ever before. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which board is right for you. To help you out with this decision process, we’ve put together a list of our favorite inflatable SUPs available in 2023.

These boards range from beginner-friendly models that won’t break your wallet all the way up to ultralight carbon fiber models designed specifically for experienced riders looking for something extra durable and lightweight. We think that any one of these boards represents an excellent choice no matter what kind of rider you happen to be (or aspire to become!).

There Are Lots Of Great Inflatable Sups Out There!

To find the best inflatable SUPs, you’ll want to know what size and shape suits your needs. You can find these options in all sizes, from 6’1″ to 10′ (and beyond). Inflatable boards come in a variety of shapes, too—you can get a classic round design or a hybrid shape that has some concave for speed and stability.

Best Inflatable SUPs in 2022

You might also consider what type of paddle you prefer before choosing an inflatable SUP. Some paddles are designed specifically for inflatables; check out our guide to understand more about this topic.

If you’re new to SUPing or just looking for something easy-to-use and stable, we recommend getting a smaller board with an adjustable fin box so you can use any type of fin system later on if desired. If the idea of balancing on the water with nothing but thin plastic keeping your feet off eats away at your nerves—or if you simply want more control over your ride—consider investing in a bigger board with multiple fins attached by default so they don’t need adjustment later on!

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker is inflatable sup that is great for beginners, families, and flat water. It has a unique design that makes it both stable and easy to use. The board has a wide tail which allows you to stand up easily even if you’re not an experienced paddler. It also has some fins on the bottom of the board so it will track better in the water than other boards without fins.

The hull material is solid PVC with a soft foam core which makes it really easy to carry around when deflated (if you don’t want to carry around your own pump). You can fit this board into most duffel bags or backpacks since it only weighs 26 pounds when fully inflated! This means that even if you’ve never been on a SUP before, getting started won’t be intimidating because this thing packs down small enough to fit in almost any suitcase!
You can use this inflatable sup for many different types of activities including surfing; fitness/yoga; fishing; etc…

iRocker Nautical

If you are a beginner and want to start your adventure on the water, then iRocker Nautical is a great option. This board is designed for beginners as it makes paddling easy with its lightweight and flat design.

iRocker Nautical is also great for families as it comes in two sizes so that everyone can have their own board. This board has also been constructed with high-quality materials for durability and comfort during use.

Another benefit of this inflatable stand-up paddle board is that it’s very easy to carry around due to its lightweight design. Additionally, this inflatable SUP comes with an included pump so you don’t have to keep buying one if yours breaks down or gets lost somehow!

For those who want something that’s easy both on land and out at sea (and even easier when traveling), then look no further than iRocker Nautical!
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Imagine Surf Paddle Backdrop

This inflatable paddle board is designed for both surfing and paddling, so you can use it for your favorite water sports. It comes with a removable fin, handle, and bungee cord that allows you to secure it onto your board. This way you won’t have to worry about losing any of the parts when you’re out in the ocean. It’s also very easy to deflate and inflate, so there’s no complicated process involved when using this SUP. The color scheme features beautiful patterns that make it look like something from another planet!

Roc Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) are much more portable and easier to store than a traditional board, while still offering all of the advantages of traditional SUPs. They are also cheaper in price, so if you’re looking for an affordable way to get into the sport, it may be worth considering an inflatable.

There are many different brands making great products right now, but we think that the Roc Inflatable Paddle Board (the “Roc”) is currently one of the best on the market for several reasons:

  • It has a large surface area of 9 feet long by 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick – perfect for beginners or advanced riders who want plenty of room to move around their feet when paddling.
  • It comes with two removable fins which offer stability even in choppy conditions – great news if this is your first time using a SUP!
  • The soft rails help keep balance during rides and allow easy turning without tipping over easily as some other brands do.* The fin box lets users adjust their fins however they need them so they can control how quickly or slowly they move across water surfaces.* A convenient carry bag makes transporting easy wherever they go!

Tower Adventurer 2

The Tower Adventurer 2 is the best inflatable SUP for surfing. It’s highly durable, easy to transport, and lightweight, making it a great choice for beginners through advanced riders alike.

The Tower Adventurer 2 is an excellent board for both beginners and intermediate-level paddlers. This board has very few drawbacks, but one major downside: is its price tag. If you can afford this model, however, then you will be getting yourself a top-notch inflatable paddleboard that will last you many years of enjoyment on the water!

Isafish Stand Up Paddleboard

If you’re looking for a less expensive all-around SUP, Isafish’s board is a great choice. Measuring 10’6″, this board has plenty of room for two riders and has some great features that make it an excellent choice for beginners as well. The iSUP comes with adjustable padded handles, bungee cords to secure your gear, and two drink holders so you can keep hydrated during your ride. The durable PVC construction will last through many years of use, making this one of the best inflatable boards on the market today.

2023 Atoll 11′ Inflatable SUP

The Atoll 11′ Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board (aka SUP) is the best inflatable SUP for all levels of experience. It features a rigid aluminium core, making it very durable. The board is also very stable, and weighs only 14 pounds, making it easy to carry around when deflated and stored in its bag.

This inflatable SUP comes with great extras like adjustable foot straps and handles at both ends of the board that you can use to carry it as well as a paddle if needed!
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SUPflex All Around SUP Package with Paddle

The SUPflex All Around is a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile board that can handle both flat water and small waves. While it’s not the fastest board out there, its stability makes it ideal for beginners, as well as more advanced riders who want to paddle around in calmer waters.

It also comes with a removable fin so that you can use it in the ocean or pool if you want to practice surfing or play around in shallow water without worrying about scratching your board up (and ruining your day). Plus, it comes with everything else you need: an adjustable paddle and carrying bag, plus an onboard pump that inflates the board quickly.

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So there you have it-a quick rundown of the best inflatable SUPs in 2023. I hope that this guide has been helpful to you and that now all you have left to do is find one that’s right for your needs!


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