Everyday carry is about having items with you that help solve a problem or fix an issue on the go. It is all about simple and versatile tools to help you work efficiently. As long as you are equipped with the right tools, you can continue your work without any hitches. Recently everyday carry has become a buzzword that has been popularized for some time now. What should you have every day with you? Read on to find out more.

Best Everyday Carry in 2022

Mobile phone

Have you ever left your home without a phone with you? It’s almost impossible to stay a whole day without a phone as it’s part of your EDC. A phone is a very popular EDC, and for some people, especially men, it is their only EDC. Almost everyone has their mobile phone on them at all times, and even accessorize it to make it more appealing.

Insulated Bottles

Many health and fitness enthusiasts, prefer having a reusable bottle with them every day. The bottle is used to carry water or some hot drink for the office. A double-wall insulated water bottle will keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Therefore, you will save some money you would have used to buy your drinks with a flask. Flasks are reliable, safe, and very handy as they can keep your fluids fresh and at the right temperature for a long time.


A small flashlight can come in handy, especially if you stay out late often. You can get a small one that fits in your pockets. Thanks to LED technology, even a small flashlight the size of a pen can be brighter than a lantern battery.


We all rely on our phones to determine the time of day. However, many people cannot do without a wristwatch as it’s their everyday carry. People who love reading analog time will always have a watch with them as they have been using them even before the invention of smartphones. The watches in the market are very cool, and you can find one that suits your preference. Watches will forever be trendy

First Aid Kit

You must be wondering why you would need a first aid kit every day while it’s not every day that you get accidents. A first aid kit can be very convenient even when other people get into small accidents as you can help them out. Having a first aid kit with you reassures you that you will be able to take care of an arising situation before seeking further treatment. You can carry yours in a waterproof case and place it in your bag or car.

Pen and Notepad

As you go on your business each day, you may get ideas that slip out of your mind even before the day ends. You need somewhere to write down those ideas. Although we live in a digital world where you can write whatever you want on an app, a pen and notepad are still great ways of writing those ideas and thoughts. You can go back and read them later when you have the time. Therefore, unless you have them down on paper, forgetting them is easy.


A wallet is one item that is still yet to be digitized or be tied to our smartphones. Wallets are an everyday carry where you keep your cash, cards, or anything that can fit. It is an on-the-go filing closet for id cards, receipts, flyer cards, etc. Wallets have also evolved in their own way, and people no longer carry the big traditional ones. There are ultra-slim wallets that can only hold a few credit cards. Other wallets have inbuilt GPS tracking to find it if it gets lost. If you want to replace yours, you should consider why and how you carry the wallet. This will help you determine which one suits you best.


Many people are familiar with the everyday carry concept. However, some people still don’t know what it means. Everyday carry is the essential items you have with you no matter where you are going is a collection of personal items that you cannot step outside the house without. They vary from one person to the other and are dependent on a person’s hobby, occupation, or daily errands. Every item in an everyday carry kit should have a clear purpose, and you should know why you need it.


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