Music is the essence of life and many of us believe in this idea. There are people who cannot live without having a daily dose of music in their life. Even there are many platforms that ensure people to stream their favourite music online and without internet also. Not only you can stream your favourite track on these platforms but they also helps you to realize your music taste through regular pie charts. For example you can see these music pie charts on apps like Spotify. If you are I phone user and looking for apple music pie chart then you are unfortunate to have that access. Today we will have a thorough discourse on Apple music versus Spotify to create best music experience for users.

Apple Music Pie Chart

What is Music Pie Chart on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular application when it comes to listen music. You can also create pie charts on regular intervals on the app as well. The pie charts gives you a detail analysis about your music taste based on your activity on the app in certain time period. You will be able to see the different genre of music you have listened in a colorful pie chart along with your favorite singers. feature is unluckily not avaible for I phone users as they cannot have access to Spotify also.

Why people are crazy about music pie charts?

The pie charts are trending on social media to a great extent. Since we do not have apple music pie charts for the users of Apple phone they miss this fun. Spotify which is a famous music app for many people is not compatible with Apple phones. At the same time I phone users do not have their own pie charts which are sharable on social media. These pie charts evoke fame on social sites for people who are sharing their favorite music with the friends.

Is Spotify compatible with Apple Users to create music pie charts?

Like said before Spotify is not an option to create Pie charts for those who are using Apple phones. Music pie chart apple music creates are not pie charts in real sense. You can just track the history that what are your most listened song on the Apple music in top hundred list. It is not liable to share these music tracks on social media. That is why many people who are using Apple music are switching to Spotify by exiting Apple services. But then there are others who are not that much obsessed with the trends of social media and remain satisfied with Apple music only.

How to share music pie charts on social media?

If you are using Spotify it is very easy to get these pie charts on the platform. These charts are prepared based on your previous music listening history. You will get attractive colorful pie chart which denotes the genre on the bottom of the chart along with colour represented in the chart. Every colour of the chart corresponds to a genre of music. If a particular colour in the chart occupies big space it means you are listening to that genre of music more and vice-versa. Once you get these charts you can easily share them from the site to social media. It is possible to share these music pie charts on any social media platform you would like to select.

Do Apple music app gives alternative to pie charts of Spotify?

This is a big question that you might be interested to get the answer. Well there is no such substitute for pie charts of Spotify that you will get on Apple music. But yes you will be able to have a list of your favourite songs based on your previous searches. Unfortunately it is not possible for people to share this history on any social site. So we can deny that Apple music is not having any alternative to Spotify Pie charts for music.

Is it possible to share music charts from Apple music on social media?

Like said many times Apple users cannot share any music pie chart of social media. It is not possible for the users to create such charts even. The only possibility for them to look at their taste is to track the history of their music search. They can see what music they are listening in the past right from the day they started their journey with Spotify. So this is a loss for the users are socially active and want to share every single detail of their life of social media.

Which is better Apple music vs Spotify?

Apple music is certainly good when it comes to security and other reasons. But if you are a social media geek then Spotify is the only way you can control your nerves. This is because you cannot share any content from your Apple music on social media. At the same time Spotify enable you to have access for all such options like sharing music pie charts on social media. That is the reason behind the popularity of Spotify as most of the people are social media inclined nowadays. They cannot compromise with sharing such interesting content with their social friends to get the attention of people.

Streaming Quality

Apple Music is providing an audiophile-grade experience. Spotify also announced the HiFi tier. In your apple music pie chart, you can listen to your song in high-resolution without paying anything extra. Now you can easily stream your songs in 16-bit/44.1kHz, 24-bit/48kHz, and 24-bit/192kHz audio. You can also use Dolby Atmos content and Spatial Audio content using your Apple Music. When you are streaming your song on Apple Music, it will automatically stream at the highest possible quality and will reduce quality when streaming the song using cellular data. Meanwhile, in Spotify, the streaming quality adjusts itself depending on the strength of the network whether the person is using a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. The app uses Ogg Vorbis codec at up to 320kbps for Premium users and 160kbps for free users. The streaming quality is good in both services. However, if the network is unstable then Spotify provides better service.

Content and recommendations

If we talk about music content libraries then no one can beat Apple Music. Apple libraries contain more than 60 million songs! Along with the great library, you can also find lots of exclusive deals with top artists for early content releases. But this is a paid subscription that the user has to get after three months of a free trial. You can also get access to various on-demand radio shows.

Spotify has a huge library of over 80 million songs. It also provides podcasts making it a huge audio streaming platform. You can’t list podcasts via Apple music but Apple has its own Podcasts service which is free for Apple device owners.

Apple Music Spatial Audio

Apple Music is now providing Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos support. Apple users now get a special feature that mimics surround sound and offers a 3D audio experience. All Apple Users can listen to songs in Dolby Atmos format. This feature is available to all Apple Music subscriptions without any kind of additional cost. Your songs will be labeled on the AppleMusic interface. You can create playlists of Dolby Atmos for easy finds.


Here we can conclude to a point that both Apple music and Spotify are best in their own way. While Apply music gives utmost security to its users at the same time Spotify gives interesting data to the users and make it sharable on social platforms. Those who are security conscious can switch to Apple music and others can go with Spotify. We can also figure out that majoritarian is inclined towards Spotify by ignoring the security feature as social media is the need of today’s world. We cannot compromise with our presence on social media sites to seek attention of people by choosing to platforms like Apple. But still there are many who prefer security over social media and they always go with Apple music services only.


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