Holographic printing refers to the transformation of a 2D paper design into a 3D design when light falls on it from varied angles. This is an excessively used printing technique these days in the industry that intensifies the look and feel of a product. You can find multiple holographic packaging ideas in the market these days with which brands are attracting a vast majority of customers. In this blog, we will be talking briefly about the history of holography followed by an introduction to holographic printing. We will tell you if we can print on holographic paper or not and also throw light on the use cases of holographic printing in the packaging industry. Finally, we will wrap up our guide after discussing the advantages of holographic printing.

Back History of Holographic Technology

The history of holography dates back to 1947 when a scientist named Dennis Gabor was working on improving the resolution of an electron microscope. This paved the way for endless discoveries in this domain that led to the usage and extension of holography to the domains of imaging, printing, packaging, etc. Today, this concept has been established so well that different industries are using this technique to redefine the entire outlook of their product. They manage to add a sense of luxury and elegance to their products simply by packaging them nicely within a custom holographic box.

What is Holographic Printing?

We can simply define holographic printing as the process of displaying a hologram on a flat 2D surface that appears to be three-dimensional when light falls on it through different perspectives. This process is also known as rainbow printing and it has the ability to grab the attention of customers very quickly by appealing to their eyes. Generally, holographic printing is performed on the surface of a paper or cardboard to highlight the important elements of the surface and fix the viewer’s attention on the point where it is needed the most. It is one of the most extensively used printing techniques these days. Although it is a little costly, the price is totally worth the end results.

Can We Print on Holographic Paper?

Before finding the answer to this question, we first need to know what a holographic paper is. It is basically a sheet that has some printing or texture on it and is covered with a transparent metal film. This results in what we call a holographic paper that has the ability to make an object look three-dimensional once it comes in contact with light. Now, coming back to the question. The texture of the holographic paper is generally so smooth and reflective that it gets difficult to print on it using regular printing techniques. However, this does not mean that we can simply not print on the holographic paper. We can still do that by using specialized printing techniques such as UV printing, silk printing, foil stamping, etc.

How is Holographic Printing used in Packaging?

Holographic printing has a wide range of applications in the packaging industry, especially for custom packaging solutions. It can be used in conjunction with different types of packaging boxes such as rigid boxes, paper boxes, gift boxes, etc. to beautify their appearance. Some customers even prefer holographic printed cards along with their boxes for an added touch of allure. Moreover, you can also put holographic printed stickers into your product packaging boxes to attract kids and even offer different prizes to your customers by taking part in a competition or lucky draw, etc. Additionally, holographic printed wrapping sheets are also very popular these days. These visually appealing wrapping papers can excite potential customers in no time and compel them to wrap their precious gifts inside these sheets.

The Advantages of Holographic Printing

Holographic printing has made its way to the packaging industry due to the mesmerizing aesthetics that it offers. Following are a few of the many advantages of holographic printing:

  • This technique can be combined with a wide range of different packaging materials which makes it highly versatile.
  • Although this printing technique is slightly expensive, the amazing outlook that it offers is something worth investing your money in.
  • When your holographic printed paper is coated or laminated properly, it even offers scratch resistance which makes it an excellent choice for product packaging.
  • Last but certainly not least, holographic printing adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your packaging with which you can convince your customers to invest in your product.


This blog provided a comprehensive guide on holographic printing starting from its history to the advantages that it offers. We shared with you the working of this printing technique, its usage in the packaging industry, and how you can print on holographic paper. After having a sound understanding of the benefits of holographic printing, what are you waiting for? Go and grab a good holographic printing solution for yourself and elevate the appearance of your precious goods.


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