The future of the assignment help industry is moving quickly, with new developments and changes happening in a matter of years. From the emergence of peer review to the elimination of ghostwriting to increased opportunities for freelance writers, seven trends will affect how academic writing worked in 2021.

1. Peer Review

In 2016 most journal articles were checked for plagiarism by other researchers connected with their work. This is an effective method of preventing plagiarism, though it takes a lot of time and effort. Peer review will become the go-to method of checking work as automated software becomes available to read and compare whole journals.

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Peer review will also become much more prevalent; Peer review will be seen as a romantic way of ensuring academic integrity. The takeup rate for academic journals that use peer review for submissions is already on the rise – which many predict to be a winning trend.

2. Designated Editors

The use of universities, teachers, and writers to check submissions in journal articles will become the norm. This trend is already in effect in many academic journals. Many publishers create a “designated editor” to confirm whether the work is genuine and what should be changed or added before publication.

Employers will value writing more highly, as having a “designated editor” is seen as a desirable professional experience.

3. Use of Writing as a Teaching Tool

There is already a big demand for courses that enable students to learn and understand writing skills from professionals in the field. This trend is expected to grow, with a more comprehensive focus on identifying and improving the different aspects of written communication.

4. Ghostwriting and Article Mills

Academic journals have almost completely eradicated this practice, which now refuses to accept work that ghostwriters have created. The use of article mills has also been shut down by legislation, as countries such as China have enacted strict laws to regulate the practice.

5. Freelance Academic Writing

Traditional academic writing work is becoming scarce, and there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for full-time employment in the field. Freelance writing opportunities are expected to become much more prevalent, which gives academic writers the chance to make better use of their skills and earn more money for their efforts.

6. Increase in use of Open Access

Today, less than a fifth of academic journals have open access options on their websites, but this number is expected to rise dramatically over the next few years. This means that any student with internet access can read articles free at any time, which will greatly benefit students who cannot afford journal subscriptions or travel fees.

7. Impact of Google

Online assignment help will have another advantage over their competition, as search engine optimization techniques will become much more important over the next few years.
In the past, finding where to find academic content online could be difficult, but this is now a problem of the past in many cases.

Improvements in search engine technology mean that any website can impact online visibility, which means that more work is expected to go into improving the site’s appearance and user experience.

Search Engine Optimization will make finding academic content much easier, as it can be done from any computer.

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Web Assignments: With the trend of rapid advancement in this field, thesis writing has also been updated with the help of some advanced and helpful tools that the experts in this field design. Today, it is not a difficult task to get high-grade assignments delivered on time and on to your email inbox.


It is now mandatory for anyone looking to get a Bachelor’s degree in any field to take at least eleven semesters of English; this is one course.

The percentage of employment for people in the English industry will also increase. In the past, working in English meant having several jobs that did not pay well and were satisfied with low pay rates. Today, those who work in freelance academic writing can expect a boost in wages.

Now that you know what’s coming, what can you do?

The best thing to do is always try to be on top of the trends and keep up with the latest developments in your field. You don’t need to panic into believing everything, but if something new comes along – understand it and learn how to apply it in your work.

For essay writing help writers, showcasing their abilities is becoming increasingly important. This will enable them to differentiate themselves within a highly competitive field.


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