We live in the 21st century, where people are judged on how they look. It is a bitter fact, and one must have to accept how much it seems wrong. And as far as style is considered, men, in general, have peculiar style choices. It’s not a stereotype, but men don’t pay much attention to how they look and how they style. But when the men try too hard on their style, they tend to make styling mistakes. But don’t you worry, men, here are the styling mistakes that you should avoid.

7 Styling Mistakes That Men Should Avoid

Getting Tattoos to Look Cool

First things first, one of the worst choices that men make is getting a tattoo to look cool or match the vibe of modern life. Trust me, boys, tattoos don’t make anyone cool or stylish. Tattoos are indeed a piece of art that reflect an individual’s feelings or gives a message. But if you get a tattoo just to be cool, then it is not worth it. Moreover, getting a face tattoo is one of the biggest turn-offs for women. And there are certain professions where you may get problems with getting tattoos on your body.

Wearing The Wrong Shoes

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is wearing the wrong footwear. Every man must have at least five different pairs of shoes for different events. You can’t wear your sports/running shoes when you go on a hot date. But we men make this mistake very often. Also, shows are one of the first things that women notice in men. So, this is another reason why one must have good and clean shoes. Shoes often are a bit expensive, but you can score some amazing deals on the 4th of July 2022 and save many bucks.

Wrong Attire For The Wrong Event

Just like shoes, we men have a habit of wearing whatever to wherever. But not more. I am not suggesting that you must fill your wardrobe with umpteen numbers of clothes, but you must have simple but good-looking garments for different occasions and times. Also, wearing clothes according to weather and climate is very important. It not only helps your body in adjusting to the weather but also blends you into the environment. It doesn’t matter if you wear the most expensive designer clothes, if it doesn’t go with the event, it doesn’t look good.

Shabby Facial Hair

For the last few years, sporting a beard has become one of the biggest style statements for men across the globe. Men are sporting different lengths and styles of beard. The problem becomes when they don’t maintain it. Every good thing comes at a cost. So, if you want to grow a beard, make sure you regularly maintain it. Also, if you have a patchy beard, then it is better not to grow it at all.

Bad Hygiene

Imagine if you are nicely dressed up for your date, and you are wearing an amazing pair of shoes, but your nails are long and dirty. All your good looks and nice attire go in vain if you are not maintaining personal hygiene. Personal hygiene includes regular bathing, cleaning and trimming your nails regularly, maintaining a fresh breath, and maintaining a pleasing body odor. There are umpteen numbers of products that one can use to maintain freshness in breath and body.

Sporting Wrong Accessories

Accessories for men are one of the most underrated things that one can sport to look great. The problem with accessories is that they can either enhance your overall personality or they can make you look ugly if you wear the wrong accessory with the wrong clothes. Sunglasses, caps, wristwatches, waistbelts, and wallets are all part of men’s accessories but seldom do we mismatch them with our attire. So, it becomes very important that if we are sporting accessories, they must match the attire.


Last but not least, perhaps the biggest styling statement that we should work on is our attitude, especially towards less fortunate folks. Being humble and generous towards others is significant; not only does it make a good impression on others, but it also makes us calm and composed. Moreover, women feel more comfortable with men who are kind and humble towards others. Thus, a change in attitude is the need of the hour.


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