What if we told you that there can be rainy season vegetables growing in your home while you watch the soothing rain and sip tea. We are sure you know what you would like to eat. But do you know what all you can grow? With water in abundance, the Indian monsoons nourish various vegetables. Vegetables require proper drainage and regular watering. The soft sunlight during the monsoon also provides a great environment for the plants to grow faster and better.

5 Rainy Season Vegetables to Grow This Monsoon

While we would want to grow every possible vegetable, here are a few of the best vegetables grown in monsoon.

  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Green chillies
  • Okra
  • Brinjal

These vegetables don’t need a lavish garden to grow. You can grow them on your terraces and on balconies as well. All you have to do is pick a plant that fits your environment. A few things are to be considered when we talk about growing vegetables. From the seeds, sunlight, temperature, water requirement and even the planter we wish to grow them in.

Cool Cucumbers

Cucumbers grow easily when given plenty of water and sunlight. Make sure to plant them in an area that receives good amounts of sunlight throughout the day. Be it salads, fillings or dips, cucumbers go with everything. Cucumbers are also very cool when it comes to the space needed for growing. They can grow in less space as they simply climb. They grow best with the support of a trellis. Trellis helps the plant grow without getting obstructed by the cucumbers.

Cucumbers need proper drainage. If the soil isn’t properly drained, cucumbers can get spoiled. Cucumbers can be planted in FRP planters with drainage outlets and stands to support their growth.

Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K and they help manage blood sugar levels. Cucumbers are like a superfood for people suffering from high cholesterol.

Sweet and Tangy Tomatoes

A warm creamy soup, a fresh salad, pizza sauces, sandwiches and spreads are all incomplete without tomatoes. A sprinkle of organic compost with plenty of sunlight will assure delicious tomatoes. Tomatoes also need lots of water to grow. Only water them when needed. Tomatoes will add colour and flavour to your dishes and shrubbery.

Tomatoes are kitchen staples amongst all the vegetables grown in monsoon. The key to growing them is adding support once the fruit starts growing. This prevents the plant from drooping from the weight of the tomatoes. Tomatoes are a great choice for growing at home as they are very rich in potassium, Vitamin B and Vitamin E and help protect against cell damage. Many apply tomato pulp on their face to improve skin texture.

To grow tomatoes, plant the seeds a few inches into the soil and keep 4-5 inches of space between seedlings. Use FRP planters for hassle-free planting. You will see the seedlings sprout after 10-12 days. June to August is the best time to grow tomatoes in Northern India and July to August is the best time for growing tomatoes in Southern India.

Spicy Green Chillies

Indians love their chillies. And it makes perfect sense to grow these rainy season vegetables right in your home. Green chillies make everything taste better with a punch of flavour and spice. Green chillies help relieve joint pain and release endorphins. They are great for monsoons as they help relieve sinus infections and colds.

For planting green chillies, first, let the seeds sprout then plant them in. Take a few green chilli seeds and wrap them in a damp cloth. Once they start sprouting, transfer them to a pot. Use good quality soil and compost for a rich harvest of green chillies.

Pick a spot with partial shade so the chillies grow well. Chillies need a warm and humid environment to grow. It can be difficult to grow chillies on the ground. Green chillies can very easily be grown in a range of Bonasila planters.

House Favourite Okra

Okra is commonly known as Lady finger or Bhindi in Indian households. A favourite vegetable for many children and adults. This vegetable can be prepared in many delicious ways. Some eat it with potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Some deep fry it with spices and some like to add it to curries. Okra is rich in Vitamin A and is amongst the healthiest vegetables grown in monsoon. It has very few calories making it the perfect addition to your diet.

Adding to its benefits, Okra has beautiful-looking flowers that can be seen throughout the growing season. While planting rainy season vegetables like Okra make sure to not overwater the plant. Plant the seeds at least 6-7 inches apart to avoid tangling.

Okra needs proper sunlight to grow. Seedlings must be handled with care as they are extremely delicate and get damaged easily. You can even soak Okra seeds in warm water overnight to speed up germination.

Bountiful Brinjals

Brinjals, also known as eggplants, are the most diverse of all the rainy season vegetables. Every house has a signature brinjal dish. In a country with a high diabetic population, this vegetable is a must. It helps control diabetes and is rich in fibre and antioxidants. Brinjals help with weight loss and are a good replacement for any high-calorie ingredient in many dishes.

Brinjals can be grown directly from the seeds or first grown in containers and then the germinated seedlings are transferred to planters. These bountiful vegetables need space to grow. Always try to pick a spot with sunlight and space to accommodate this plant. While choosing a planter, pick a big FRP Planter.

Water these plants regularly. Brinjals take 1-2 months to harvest. Brinjals are a famous ingredient in many cuisines and they are prepared in several interesting ways. Which one is your favourite?

After the summer season has left us exhausted. The monsoon arrives with an air of rejuvenation. Planting can be a great way to make the most out of the Indian monsoon. In the rainy season, vegetables are filled with nutrition and taste. All of these vegetables do not require huge spaces or struggling hours of work.

You can choose a plant that appeals to you the most and starts growing it in the comfort of your home. The cooler temperatures of the monsoon along with the humidity nurture these plants well.

Take a step towards goodness and plant a vegetable. We promise you won’t want to buy vegetables from the market again. You can grow these scrumptious vegetables in a variety of premium planters from Bonasila.


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