We all know that uploading high-resolution images is inevitable for websites to attract more viewers and generate leads. High-quality and elaborated pictures always leave a great impression on the website and social media page visitors. But sometimes, these images can provide more harm than benefits. Therefore, website owners should also consider other factors impacting user experience.

For example, if a website is slow, many visitors may leave it before it opens. So, all the data uploaded on the website becomes useless. Moreover, it can badly impact search engine rankings. Although high-quality and detailed images are essential, they must not exceed a specific size limit, ultimately affecting the loading speed.

5 Online Image Compressors That Can be Used for Free

Knowing the issue, many companies have developed some helpful image compression tools that can create a balance between image quality and size.

This article will discuss a few reliable image compression tools you can use without spending a single penny.
Let’s know what those tools are!

1. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is one of the biggest names in the web-based tools industry. It provides numerous online utilities to every internet user. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional writer, proofreader, graphic designer, website designer, or SEO expert; you will find some tools that can make your work easier and less hectic.

Besides providing tools for professionals, this website also delivers a few tools that everyone may need, and its image compressor is one of them.

Whether you want to compress single or multiple images, this platform is the best for you. This is because it can efficiently compress image size without affecting its quality. That’s why most people prefer it whenever they have to optimize images before uploading them somewhere.

This online photo compressor allows people to upload and compress up to 20 images simultaneously. Moreover, it also allows users to directly upload photos from the cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox. So, users don’t need to save the images on their devices before uploading them.

In addition, users’ data is always safe with this platform as they don’t need to sign up or provide personal information before using this tool. It also doesn’t keep compressed images on its servers. So, any user can compress any kind of image without worrying about data security.

2. DupliChecker

DupliChecker also provides a free and reliable image compressor that any person can use. So if you want to compress images for your websites or social media pages, you can try DupliChecker’s photo compressor. When it comes to free image compressors, it is arguably one of the best tools available online.

DupliChecker has a highly user-friendly interface that lets everyone compress images without any nuisance. Users can easily understand the whole process of compression within a few seconds. Even a newbie can quickly compress multiple pictures within the least time possible.

Besides its user-friendly interface, it also doesn’t affect the picture quality. That’s why many SEO experts recommend this tool for compressing product images and other kinds of pictures developed to upload on the website.

Moreover, it also supports various picture formats. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you want to compress PNG files or JPG; this tool can do the task. You will get the compressed images in the same format. That’s how this platform optimizes images in the best way possible.

You don’t need a specific device or web browser to use this website for image compression. You can compress images on both desktops and mobile devices. The same case is with web browsers. From Google Chrome to Safari and Firefox, you can use any browser installed on your device. So to compress an image with this tool, access this tool here: https://www.duplichecker.com/image-compressor.php, you only need an internet connection and a device that can allow you to access websites.

3. CompressJPEG

In contrast to DupliChecker and SmallSEOTools, this platform is only designed for the sole purpose of allowing people to optimize images according to their needs. This one-page website helps people compress every kind of image in a flash. Although its name confuses many people, it doesn’t only compress JPEG files but also supports GIF, PNG, and PDF files. So, you can compress your images saved in these formats. Moreover, you don’t have to convert them first to JPEG to optimize their size.

As the website only has one page, it has a user-friendly interface. Users don’t have to scroll down or open other web pages to find out where they should upload the images to compress them. Additionally, if users want to compress multiple photos at the same time, they can get assistance from this website. They don’t need to compress them one by one.
Reducing image sizes is very smooth and fast, and you can get your files within a few seconds. So if you are looking for a swift tool, you should give it a shot. It also offers data safety, deleting all the data after an hour.

4. ILoveImg

ILoveImg is one of the best websites in the image optimization domain. This outstanding platform offers various tools that you may need to optimize images perfectly before uploading them anywhere. Users can use the same platform to compress, resize, crop, convert, edit, add watermarks, and rotate their pictures. Moreover, it also allows users to generate memes using images.

However, this article will only focus on its image compressor. The photo compressor of ILoveImg lets users compress images in various formats. It also provides multiple ways to upload images for compression. For example, you can directly upload them from cloud storage platforms and your devices. It all depends on where the photos are saved.
Even after the whole process is completed, you have different options where you can save those images. You can get their live link, save them to cloud storage drives or download them on your devices. You can also share the link with others so they can download images directly from this platform. You won’t find this unique feature on multiple platforms.

5. SimpleImageResizer

Here is the last tool on the list. SimpleImageResizer is a tool that you can use for various purposes. It offers four various tools: an image resizer, image optimizer, image compressor, and converter. Using all these tools is relatively easy as you don’t need to perform various tasks. Just upload the image, select the options, and press the “compress image” button, and your picture will be ready to download.

It provides another unique feature; you can select the image width and height. That’s how you can optimize images according to your preferences. It offers more freedom to users than many other online tools. The most significant thing about this image compressor is that it doesn’t disturb picture quality. So, if you want to compress product pictures, use this image compressor, and you won’t regret your decision.

To Conclude

Compressing images before uploading them on your personal websites is mandatory to maintain speed. Heavy-sized pictures put an additional burden on the hosting servers and force them to slow down the websites. In addition, it can directly impact leads and conversions and enhance bounce rate.

However, when you have to compress them, you should not compromise on the quality. Otherwise, these images won’t provide any benefits. That’s why you should always find and use reliable image compression tools. The tools mentioned in this article are 100% free, and you can use them anytime you want. Moreover, all of them are pretty efficient in their work. So use them to compress images and properly utilize every picture you upload on the web.


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