Do you search for a cold- drink or a Coke?

Or do you also call a bandage a Band-aid?

Calling products their proprietary eponyms is the pinnacle of brand awareness and credibility.

In simpler words, some brands become so famous that they replace generic terms.

However, you might not achieve this brand credibility as a small business instantly. This needs a lot of shadow work for your business and patience as well.

Online Credibility with Yelp Reviews

One of the best ways to achieve this pinnacle of brand awareness and credibility is to use the Yelp Reviews platform. Yelp is a widely and wildly popular platform used to know local businesses’ reviews or feedback.

Launched in 2004, Yelp is an online index for discovering restaurants, hairdressers, spas, dentists, etc, and over the years Yelp has become synonymous with reviews and feedback.

Therefore in this blog, we will talk about the 4 ways to increase your brand awareness and credibility using Yelp Reviews and how you can also establish proprietary eponyms for your product in your industry.

4 Ways To Increase Your Brand’s Online Credibility with Yelp Reviews

There are ample ways in which you can increase brand credibility using Yelp. some of the best tried and tested ways are given below.

Win Awards For Your Business

Yelp celebrates local businesses every year. Yelp awards local businesses with The Bizzies award. This is given to the business that takes an extra step to serve its customers. The honors are presented every year to companies who use Yelp to their fullest potential to connect with clients online, and their ratings demonstrate that they are also succeeding offline.

They examine how active the businesses are on Yelp. The results are adjusted for factors like business type and geography, and the location data also identified the cities with the highest customer service focus.

These accolades show how connecting with customers online helps a business succeed overall. The main purpose of Yelp is to connect people with exceptional local businesses.

To win such awards you just need to serve your customers at your best.

Gain Customer Reviews

According to Qualtrics, 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions. Since Yelp is a review platform, people look at Yelp about your business before they make a purchase decision. Your potential customers love to know more about your product or service from their actual users.

Therefore, as a business, you should focus on getting more reviews. In case you are not sure how to get reviews and feedback, here are some tricks for you.

  • Provide a praiseworthy experience. When you provide a praiseworthy service or product to your customers, you do not have to ask for reviews.
  • You can also ask for reviews or feedback in an email. If you own a business, you must have an email list. Apart from asking for feedback, it will also help you to notify your subscribers about the ongoing offers.
  • Be present on social media. When you are present on social media, it helps you in brand awareness as well as makes it easier for you to ask for feedback from your followers.

Embed Yelp Review Widget On Website

One of the easiest ways to claim brand credibility is to display your Yelp reviews on your website. This makes the entire process easier for you, as when your website visitor sees the Yelp review, it fastens the purchasing decision-making process.

To display the Yelp review, you use any social media aggregator tool. These tools help you to embed Yelp Reviews widget in just a couple of minutes. The best part about using such tools is that they do not require you to learn to code. You just have to copy the embed code and paste it at the backend of your website.

You can also customize the overall look of your widget. For example, you can exchange the layout and template of the widget according to your brand image.

Show The Personality Of Your Business

Brands that use the corporate language are becoming less and less popular with consumers. Before they look to connect with you, customers want to relate to your brand. This means a more intimate level of consumer interaction for your company.

Showing up yourself as an owner helps the customers to see the human side of the business.

When it comes to showing the human side of your business, you can show the behind-the-scenes of your business.  You can add fun content such as videos and pictures on the Yelp reviews platform.

Wrapping Up

Yelp, being a popular and reliable platform, helps your brand grow in so many ways. As a matter of fact, it is the quickest way to grow your brand online. Therefore, as a business owner, you must not ignore the potential of the Yelp Review Platform.

The above-mentioned tactics are tried and tested.  So don’t wait anymore, try them and see your business grow.


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