For businesses of all sizes and sectors of operation, it is often necessary to send goods internationally. In 2023, many firms operate online and sell their products in a wide range of countries.

3 Advantages of Using a Barrel Shipping Firm to Send Goods

The growth of the internet has made international trade a reality for millions of companies who seek to increase their market share and remain competitive. By using currency conversion APIs they can sell goods in several countries while remaining confident that the price they charge is suitable and that the customer can purchase goods in their own currency. However, once an international sale is made, there is the need to ship the products in a secure and efficient manner within agreed timescales.

This article explains three key reasons why using a barrel shipping format to send goods abroad can be the ideal transport solution for a range of businesses.

Option of air or sea

Barrel shipping can be ideal for sending heavy or bulky goods overseas. Many companies, therefore, choose barrel shipping to send a barrel overseas and have the choice of using sea routes or by air. Using sea freight vessels tends to be the most popular option in many cases.

This is because sending barrels by sea tends to cost significantly less than by air. Large freight ships can comfortably transport thousands of tonnes of goods, and as such, their unit charges for shipping are highly competitive. Conversely, if barrels of goods are transported by air, the plane will have a much lower capacity and will have to charge more for this method of sending goods. Put simply, most businesses will ship goods by sea to benefit from lower charges and will tend to use air freight for goods that require a shorter delivery timescale.

Protection from moisture and condensation

One of the key benefits of using barrels to transport goods overseas is that they are made from durable materials. Commonly, plastic barrels are used as they are lightweight but strongly constructed. A fifty-five-gallon barrel (which is the most common size in shipping) can hold approximately 800 lbs of liquids or 600 lbs of solid items.

Their durable construction ensures the barrels’ contents are protected from moisture and condensation. This can be incredibly important when transporting items that would be damaged if they absorbed moisture or for food products that need to stay free of all contaminants during shipping.

The resilience of barrels makes them a far more practical option when compared to shipping goods in cardboard boxes which can take in moisture or get damaged more easily.

Cost-effective solution

In 2023, millions of consumers shop online from large e-commerce sites such as Amazon. Most customers are fully prepared to wait a week or two to receive their orders if they can be bought at a lower price than elsewhere. It can be common for European customers to buy products that are made in China and wait for their international shipping. As mentioned previously, shipping barrels by sea can be an incredibly cost-effective way to deliver goods to other countries.

Unit charges are kept at some of the lowest prices for any form of shipment, typically starting from $80 to ship one barrel that can hold hundreds of small items. In short, barrel shipping by sea can be the most cost-effective delivery solution if there is no requirement for the customer to receive the items quickly.


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