The eyes are a vital part of your body that defines your overall persona. Some women get beautiful eyes naturally, while many women are not so fortunate. Still, there are numerous ways to beautify your eyes with makeup, but all that eyeshadow, liner, mascara, shading, and highlight can be daunting. Here are a few tips on how you can make your eyes brighter and more attractive with minimal effort.

Make your eyes look bigger with eyelash extensions

Using mascara to beautify your eyes is easy, but you can make them look bigger using a lash curler. Ensure that you use the curler before applying makeup to avoid pulling out your lashes. Moreover, you can use eyelash extensions to add charm to your eyes.

eyelash extensions

Use two mascaras to enhance the lashes

If you wish to draw attention to your lashes, use two mascara: one for thickening and another for lengthening. Apply the thickening mascara brush to the bottom of your lashes to create richness and completely cover the root, then put the lengthening mascara from the centre to the tips, adding more mascara to the outer lashes for a sense of style.

Disconnect your top and bottom liner

Disconnect your top and bottom eyeliner if you really want your eyes to appear wider and more open. Creating a gap between two liners gives the impression that they are larger. Apply nude eyeliner for maximum brightness to the eyes.

Choose the suitable eyeliner shade

Although black eyeliner is classic if you just want to make your eyes catch people’s attention, use an eyeliner colour that complements your eyes. If you are daring enough to try something unusual, choose a colourful mascara as well.

Beautify your eye-brows like a pro

Filling in your eyebrows is a difficult task. Perfectly curved yet thick brows are something you want eventually. Follow simple online tutorials to achieve filled eyebrows. Online tutorials to beautify eyebrows are perfect for any newbie and come directly from professional makeup artists.

Standout your eyelids with concealer

If your lids have a reddish or wrinkly appearance, use concealer suitable to your colour complexion and prepare for eyeshadow.

Lift your brows with a white pencil

If you want your eyes to appear more awake and make your brows more defined, use a white eyeliner across your brow bone, then try mixing.

Put a layer of power between mascara coats

After applying your first layer of mascara, apply a light coating of silky powder to your lashes before applying the second layer. The powder adds depth and dimension to your lashes without making them awkward.

Prevent eyeshadow fallout using tape

When you apply eyeshadow, you frequently end up spreading it beyond your lids, which can result in a terrible mess beneath your eyes. To avoid this, put a small piece of tape beneath your eyes and peel it off after you’ve finished applying your eye makeup.

Reverse the smokiness for ultimate results

A classic smokey eye is always a good choice for an evening out, but if you want to spice up the intensity, reverse the smokiness and put it along your bottom lash line rather than the top.

Some additional tips to enhance the look of your eyes

Apply eye shadow, liner, and mascara to your eyes in accordance with their shape. Women with small eyes should give their time with the eye shadow. Instead, they should apply eyeliner to the top and bottom lids to make them appear larger. A few layers of mascara will also help broaden the eyes. Those with large eyes should use simple kohl and darker shades of eye shadow.

Makeup should be chosen based on the situation or time of day. To add some colour to your eyes in the morning, go natural with eyeshadow or a neutral colour tone eye shadow. Don’t forget to conceal those under-eye circles with concealer. Evenings call for a more dramatic look. You can go for a dark, smoky eye look or go crazy with colours. Twist your lashes and apply multiple coats of mascara to create a unique look. Try with vibrant eye shadow colours or choose one that contradicts your outfit. Glitter shadow is perfect for the evening. Using a small amount of foundation and concealer in the affected area will help the colour look nicer. Applying two complimentary shadow shades can also do the trick for you.


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