In the year 2023, a web development company might look very different than it does today. The industry will undoubtedly continue to shift and evolve at the rapid pace it has been over the past several years. Here are just some of the ways web development might be different by 2023…

Web development company hiring trends

It’s unlikely that web development company hiring will change much over the next decade. Top companies will always need creative developers to stay on top of user needs and trends, which means we can expect to see small- and medium-sized firms adding new resources as they ramp up their products. While there’s no way to predict what exactly those new offerings might be, there are some clues from the past that might help us get an idea of what web development companies might look like ten years from now.

Web Development

The increasing reliance on open source platforms like WordPress and Magento means that web development companies will likely find themselves working more closely with programming resources, who are already finding ways to bring together cutting-edge digital tools with tried-and-true workflows. This integration of best practices is something we’re already seeing in some industries—like custom digital application creation—and it’s likely to play out more often as time goes on.

The best web development frameworks in 2023

Backbone, Ember.js, and Knockout: In 2023, there will be more opportunities for web developers than ever before. A recent survey of 2,000 companies by Stack Overflow found that 75% want to hire more web developers with fewer than 15% hiring as many as they want.

With 8 years left to go until 2023 and knowing how lucrative a career in web development can be (the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates web developer jobs will grow 27 percent between 2012 and 2023), it’s no wonder so many young people are learning how to code today. What these numbers don’t reveal is what technologies are going to dominate web development over those next eight years…which is where you come in!

A few months ago, I asked people to participate in a poll to see which web development frameworks they thought would be most widely used by 2023. Not surprisingly, newer frameworks such as Angular and React came out on top with Ember.js and Backbone following close behind.

Best web development companies to hire

In 2023, you’ll hire a web development company that can do it all. So instead of hiring a team of Web designers and developers, data analysts, and social media specialists—you’ll be able to cut costs by going with one company that offers everything. This is great news for small businesses looking to invest more capital into their products than their marketing budgets, which is why companies like Shopify have been so successful over the last decade.

But it won’t just be about value for money. By 2023, you’ll be able to build an entire website from start to finish within hours. That means you can launch your site quickly and easily, while also testing out a variety of different sites with minimal effort—and without paying huge fees to each individual team member involved.

Top 5 websites design trends

Today, we’re going to talk about some trends in website design that will be huge in 2023. Here are my five picks: 1. Colored background: Internet usage is going to grow substantially over the next five years, and users will expect their experience of visiting a site or logging into an app on their phone or tablet to be as beautiful and seamless as it is when they use their computer. This means professional websites are going to start incorporating more colors and graphics into their design.

Web applications that will rule 2023

AI, Browsers, Virtual Assistants, and Cloud – Posted: December 4, 2017, by Alex Bachuk A lot of things are about to change for developers, both front-end and back-end. We’re not talking here about advancements to JavaScript or NodeJS (although those will happen). Instead, it’s time to start thinking about chatbots like Alexa and Siri, as well as making your applications work on all major devices and operating systems. In 10 years from now, we might be visiting online stores via virtual reality devices with assistants following our orders in real time. You can already see how crazy things have gotten lately with voice interactions becoming commonplace.



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