You can give out stickers and decals as a gift to your customers to get them interested in your brand. It is one of the cleverest marketing materials that you can use to promote your business.

While designing wall stickers, there are a few tips that you need to take into account. Let’s take a look at them.

Wall Stickers

1. Make the Idea Simple

In case you want to tell your potential customers everything about the brand in the custom wall stickers, just forget about it. You can design a brochure for that purpose. It is better to avoid making stickers complicated, even if you are printing a big one. No one has the time to read custom wall stickers will loads of information when you can just see it for a few seconds.

No matter whether you are designing the stickers all by yourself or getting it done by professionals, make sure that you keep it simple.

2. Experiment with the Shape

The circle or square is the most common choice when it comes to designing bumper stickers. In most cases, it just works fine. These stickers can be funky, as well as professional.

If you want your brand to attract more potential customers, choose a non-orthodox form. It is not going to cost you any money and can also help the design. This can be helpful if the colors in the brand are not that bright.

3. Include Lesser Details

Surely, you want the stickers you are printing to stand out but if you add more details to the stickers, it might not be helpful for you anymore. Including too many details can worsen the ability of the sticker to stand out and the primary ideas are left behind. People only get to see it for a few seconds.

Custom bumper stickers with a clear message work the best.

4. Match the Colors with the Brand

Sticker designs, which are created for fun can be any color on the palette. But if you are designing it for your business, make sure that the colors on it match the colors of your brand. Not every sticker you print doesn’t need to have your brand name but they should at least be strongly associated.

The bumper stickers might look a little funny but they bring together three primary elements needed for your business’s success. They are attractive to your potential customers and reflect your brand’s identity as it is using the brand’s colors.

5. Make the Text Legible

The best thing to do with sticker printing is to avoid text altogether. It should be able to express everything without words. In case you have decided to include text in the sticker, make sure it is large enough. Stickers with large capital texts can be a good idea.

6. Allow Some Space to the Brand

From the point of view of a marketer, you want all the stickers to mention the brand in the same format. It will defeat the whole purpose of the stickers, from the audience’s perspective. So, putting the logo of your brand can be a good idea.

A sticker mentioning the brand will make your potential customers think about what you have to offer.

7. Include the Contact Details

Stickers need to be made stylish and fun for your potential audience. But you should also consider the time you are making the investment. The stickers should mention how to get in touch with you. So, include your contact details, such as your website address, QR code, and social media handle. These will be perfect for the format.

8. Hire Standard Manufacturer

After you have designed the stickers, it is time to print it. The quality of the image might differ based on the printing company you have chosen. So, it is important that you hire a good printing company. The printing company should be able to print the wall stickers within your budget.

9. Set the Bleed

When you are designing the stickers, they might look good in a digital form but they might come out all rugged when you print them on paper. This is because you did not set the bleed right. Bleed is the part around the stickers, which goes a little beyond the trim edges. It ensures that the whole image is on the sticker when it has been cut. In case it doesn’t set correctly, the printer might cut a part of the image during the process.


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