Horse rugs are one of the essential accessories your horse needs. It provides an extra layer of protection to your horse, whether it is from heat, rain, wind, and other elements. No matter how tough a horse may look, it still needs extra care to keep it healthy and happy. A horse rug serves as a blanket for your horse that keeps it warm and protects it from other elements that make it uncomfortable.

Caribu horse rugs

Since there are plenty of horse rugs available in the market, it can be quite confusing which one to choose for your horse. To help you out, here is a simple guide about the different types of horse rugs and their purposes to help you find what your horse needs.

Stable Rugs

Stable rugs are designed for indoor use. It works like a blanket that keeps your horse warm while sleeping at night. The size of the rug depends on the size of your horse too since it has to cover all the necessary parts to keep your horse really warm during chilly nights. No matter what type of horse rug you need, be sure to choose only the best like these Caribu horse rugs for quality and durability.

Cooler Rugs

As the name implies, it is used during warmer days and helps keep your horse cool. Cooler rugs are made from a breathable material, making them perfect for regulating the body temperature of your horse. Aside from warm weather, you could also use a cooler rug after your horse’s exercise routine to cool down its body.

Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are the most versatile among all horse rugs. This type of horse rug is designed to be worn by horses outdoors. It is made to protect them from sudden rain, too much heat, and even dirt. It serves as an overall protective layer for your horse when it is outdoors. Turnout rugs can be used all year round although there are some products that are designed for specific weather conditions for better efficiency.

Fly Sheet

Flies and other pests are very common during the summer months. While it may not be a problem for humans, these creatures are really pesky for horses. They can cause skin irritations to your horse which could get infected if not noticed and treated immediately. Pests can also transmit diseases to your horse, making it sick. Fly sheets help protect your horse from these pests. Since they are made from the lightweight material, it is perfect to be used during summer days.

Fleece Rugs

During winter, your horse needs extra warmth to maintain its well-being. It is made from fleece which is perfect for keeping the horse warm during cold winter days. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as long as it’s winter.

Different horse rugs have different functions. With that list above, it would be a lot easier to choose which horse rug is needed by your horse based on its function and material.


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