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Mozilla offers you a free and open-source emailing client known as Thunderbird. This news and email client is one of the top services provided by Mozilla that has more than a billion users. Thunderbird not only provides you emailing service but encourages various top features like message management, junk filtering, cross-platform support, big file linking, HTML code insertion, security, etc. Thunderbird provides you a reliable service but many people still get various queries while using Thunderbird. Most of the issues are related to configuring Thunderbird to another platform. If you are getting into any trouble or facing queries then dial Mozilla Thunderbird Technical Support Number and get help from professionals.

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Many people reported that they are getting into trouble while working on Thunderbird. Thunderbird has a bit different interface than other emailing services which makes it a little difficult to understand. However, it offers you various features that are not provided by any other mailing services. So, if you encounter any error, don't panic and contact Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Service for support.

How do I configure my Thunderbird in Outlook?

Thunderbird gives you a facility to add an Outlook mail on a web account email so that you can easily access the same account for Thunderbird as well as Outlook. Follow the steps mentioned below for configuring Thunderbird in Outlook:

  1. Open your Thunderbird account
  2. Click on the Application menu
  3. Hit the Add account button
  4. Enter the account information
  5. Click on options
  6. Go to Account settings
  7. From here, tap on Account actions
  8. Click on Add Mail Account option
  9. Provide your account information
  10. Hit the continue button

Now go to manual setting and provide the information mentioned below:

For incoming server-

  • Server hostname:
  • SSL: Yes
  • Port: 993
  • Authentication: Password

For outgoing server-

  • Server Hostname:
  • Port: 587
  • Authentication: Password

Finally, click on the done button. Now check whether your Thunderbird is configured with Outlook or not. In case, your Thunderbird is showing any error, dial Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Support Phone Number for help.

Error: Server doesn't support encryption

You will get this kind of error when your server is not supporting encryption that makes your communication vulnerable to hacking. For resolving this error, you should go to settings and modify them to encryption. But you can only do this when your mail server supports encryption. In case the server doesn't support encryption, then you have to check the I understand the risk button. Now click on Create Account and then switch to mail provider that provides a secure connection.

What are the steps to create a Mozilla Thunderbird Account?

Creating a Thunderbird account is very simple. But if you are not from the technical background then you may require some help while creating an account in Mozilla thunderbird. You can follow the given steps to create a Thunderbird account:

  • Open Thunderbird and go to Tools menu
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Now go to Account Actions
  • Click on Add Mail Account
  • Provide your name
  • Enter your email address
  • Hit the continue button
  • Now select the Let the automatic configuration
  • Hit the Edit option
  • Change the username with an email address

Set the incoming server

  • For IMAP: 143
  • For POP3: 110
  • Select STARTTLS

For the outgoing server, enter

  • Select SMTP port 25
  • Choose STARTTLS

Finally, click on create account option for completing the account creation process.

My Trash Folder gets corrupted

The main problem that occurs when the Trash folder corrupts is that you will not able to delete the messages. You should dial the Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Care Phone number for resolving the trash folder corruption error. You can also try to fix this error manually. Go to Thunderbird and open the profile folder. Click on the menu button and navigate to Help and then click on Troubleshooting Information. Now from Application Basics go to Show Folder. The profile window will appear on your screen. Now close your Thunderbird application and open the ImapMail folder. Click on the folder that has an incoming mail server name. Select all the files related to Trash and delete them. Then restart your Thunderbird and you will see that the new Trash folder is created automatically on your Thunderbird. Now try to delete your emails from Thunderbird.

Unable to receive messages in Thunderbird

Many people reported that they are getting issues while receiving emails Thunderbird. This kind of error occurs when there is some issue in ISP service status, account configuration error, the query in filters with ISP. But most of these errors get fixed by managing Thunderbird account settings. Open your Thunderbird and go to Tools then click on Account settings. Now make alterations to the settings according to your requirements.

How to change the password of the Thunderbird account?

Like other accounts, you should change your email account password once a month. Changing password helps in reducing the hacking risks. Here are the steps for changing the password of Thunderbird email account:

  • Open your Thunderbird account
  • Click on tools
  • Navigate to options
  • From the security option, click on passwords
  • Click on saved password option
  • Tap the show passwords option
  • Click on the account
  • Hit the remove button

Now you can easily change the password of your Thunderbird email account by following the on-screen commands. Ensure to use a strong password because Thunderbird is a very crucial account. If you are unable to change the password of your Thunderbird account then you should ask for technical help.

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