Parenting is often considered to be one of the most blessed experiences in human society; young couples look forward to their moments of blissful happiness when they become parents to a healthy newborn child.

In the past few years, the scare of the pandemic has injected a great deal of misinformation into the system along with standard doses of doubt and fear.

Covid Vaccinations

The best way to start any discussion on Covid vaccines is to emphasize the need to be vaccinated at the earliest. There are two standard doses of the vaccine available now which will be injected at an interval of weeks, each one specified according to the vaccine taken by an individual.

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At the moment, however, there is a small percentage of people who have not yet taken the first 2 doses of the vaccines.

In fact, a big part of the credit for the containment of the virus pandemic to some extent goes to the rapid development of the vaccines and their distribution.

It is now the turn of the booster dose which is rapidly being distributed among the people in a gradual manner.

Doubts About The Booster Or Simple Nonchalance

There is a significant part of the population that is yet to take the booster dose for Covid vaccines even though their turns may have come and proper intimation has been sent across.

It is hard to say whether this delay is caused by a genuine doubt about the booster vaccine dose or is simple nonchalance.

There are some who have serious doubts about the repercussions of this third dose and there are others who are not even informed properly about it or are not much bothered about it.

From a medical point of view, the 3rd vaccine dose, or the booster as many of us call it is as essential as the first two.

Booster Vaccine And IVF

We started this discussion about the happiness and pride young couples feel when they are blessed with a child. In the case of some couples, this journey is a tough and challenging one especially when they opt for the IVF path to become parents.

IVF is a complicated process that goes through several stages of treatment. Needless to say, there are several stages of tests and reports that will be a regular part of this treatment.

If you are a couple who are parents waiting, what should you do when it comes to the 3rd dose?

According to reports and data present with any fertility clinic in Whitefield there is a percentage of patients yet to take the booster dose and are undergoing IVF treatments.

  • You can be infected while undergoing the treatment for IVF
  • There are several stages and during the tests and regular visits to the doctor or hospital there are chances of an infection
  • Chances are also there that you are infected after you become pregnant with your child
  • Being Covid afflicted while being pregnant increases the dangers of health conditions for both you and your baby

If you consider these conditions carefully it would become clear to you that one additional dose of the vaccine beforehand is a much better choice than any unfortunate development later on.

Covid Booster And The Father To Be

Covid infection can be a detrimental factor for a man and his healthy levels of sperm count as well.  There is no way you would want to risk the possibility of an infection if you are on the verge of an IVF treatment procedure.

For young would-be parents, there is so much invested in the course of an IVF treatment that risking it in any way would not be prudent.

Efficacy Of The Booster Dose

there are doubts in the minds of many about the need or efficacy of the 3rd dose of vaccine. It is safe to say that a great deal of misinformation too played a role in all vaccine-related ignorance.

  • The biggest roadblock faced by vaccines has been the cause of infertility with their usage. There is absolutely no truth in this baseless assumption.
  • There is another set of misinformation and alleged rumors doing the rounds about the consequences of the booster dose that can lead to repercussions in the form of health-related problems. There is no truth to these as well.
  • It may be noted that a large section of the population comprising senior citizens and frontline workers have been successfully given the booster dose and gradually the other segments of the population are coming into the queue.

IVF And Booster Vaccine – Should You Or Shouldn’t You

If you are seriously considering the IVF treatment it would be best not to take chances with a serious virus.

Your IVF would have a better success rate if you are healthy and properly vaccinated against the onslaught of the virus at any stage of the treatment.

Keeping yourself vaccinated and protected also means the same cover guard for your baby as well.


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