Flowers are perfect for many occasions. You can send them on birthdays or anniversaries or any other celebration. Similarly, flowers are also a part of funerals and memorial services. It is appropriate to send sympathy flowers to offer much-needed comfort to the grieving family. However, choosing flowers for funerals can be tricky. So, check out our list of the most thoughtful flowers and make your choice.

1. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are perfect to express grief and sympathy. They symbolize innocence, purity, and peace. These blooms also represent the rebirth of the departed soul to some greater and happier place. To send peace lilies to your close ones, order them from the local florists. The flowers are available in bouquets and also as plants. If you want the flowers to last longer, get a peace lily plant for your loved one. Deliver it at home or the person’s office via sympathy flowers delivery service.

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2. Lily

When someone has passed away, send lilies to the grieving family. A bunch of white lilies has been a part of funerals for decades. Their strong aroma fills in the place making the environment peaceful. White lilies are often considered the go-to flowers for funerals. They are symbolic of purity, innocence, peace, and the radiance of the soul. They suggest that the soul of the departed has returned to a place of peace. Thus, you can always choose lilies to express your sympathy to the bereaved. Buy Church Street Flowers from your local florists online at an affordable price and send them out to your loved ones.

3. Carnation

Carnations often adorn the funeral wreaths and standing sprays. As carnations come in a variety of shades, each shade has a different meaning. For funerals, you can choose red carnations to express affection or white ones that symbolize innocence and purity. Pink carnations are also ideal for many Catholic and other Christian communities as they believe that pink carnations were created from Virgin Mary’s tears. So, carnations can be a good choice for funerals. You can get a wreath, bouquet, or standing spray for your loved one.

4. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers. They are often used to create funeral and sympathy arrangements. The flowers come in different shades – pure white, pink, and pale blue. These pastel shades of hydrangeas look peaceful in sympathy bouquets. They are believed to symbolize heartfelt feelings and emotions. Hence, hydrangeas make the perfect funeral flower. Eganville ON Florist offers different bouquets and hydrangea arrangements. You can pick any and send them to your loved ones.

5. Orchid

Orchids are rare and unique blooms that express love in any form. Sending orchids as sympathy or funeral flowers symbolize your eternal love for the departed soul. Since orchids come in different hues, choose the lighter ones. Pure white or blush pink orchids are the best for funerals and memorial services.

You can find beautiful orchids and all other types of flower arrangements in the local flower shops. Pick the best one and avail flower delivery by Barry’s Bay ON to get them delivered.


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