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Is your device secured from all threats? If you don't want to face any kind of problems due to malware breach then you should instantly install Norton antivirus on your device. Norton is the most popular antivirus program that offers the top security features to protect your device from all sides.

Today viruses are not the only threat to your device. Threats are getting stronger and dangerous. Hacking, data theft and various other malicious practices are getting common these days. If you don't take care of your device then you may fall into bigger problems. Many people think cybercriminals only hack big companies. Well, that's not correct. Today anyone can be the person of interest of those hackers. Big companies usually have their cybersecurity system which is difficult to hack. So, hackers prefer easy targets (a device with weak security systems). If you don't want to become an easy target then boost up your device security with Norton antivirus.

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Norton offers reliable security to your device. However, sometimes you may have to deal with various errors related to Norton antivirus. Norton has a robust interface which means you merely find any compile-time errors. If any kind of compile-time error occurs; the programmers fix it immediately and provides you a new update. So, whenever you notice any new update; install it immediately. But runtime errors can occur anytime due to various reasons. Most of the runtime errors are simple and get resolved by restarting the device. However, there are some issues where you need some technical advice. If you are a technically sound person then you can troubleshoot the runtime errors. But if you are not from a technical background then you should ask for professional support.

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Norton 360 Error 138

Error 138 is a runtime error that can mostly occur when the program files or registry files get corrupted. You can try fixing your registry files. If you are not a technically sound person then fixing registry entries yourself can be more difficult. A little mistake can get you into huge trouble. So, before editing the registry files; you should create a backup key. Here are steps for creating backup key:

  1. Open your device
  2. Hit the Start button
  3. Type command and hit the Enter button
  4. You will get a permission dialog box
  5. Hit the Yes button
  6. The command prompt will appear on the desktop
  7. Enter regedit
  8. Hit the Enter button
  9. Registry editor page will appear on your screen
  10. Search and select Norton 360 key
  11. Go to the File menu
  12. Click on the Export button
  13. Choose the folder to save the file
  14. Name the file (like Norton backup key)
  15. Save the file (the file should be saved with .reg extension)
  16. When you successfully save the backup key; proceed to edit registry files
  17. Follow all the on-screen commands
  18. Your Norton antivirus has been activated.

Unable to install Norton antivirus

Norton installation errors can occur due to various reasons. Make sure your device is compatible with the Norton product you are trying to install. Determine your device specifications and then purchase the Norton product that is compatible with your system. Another reason for the installation error is that you have another security software program installed in your device. Before installing Norton antivirus, uninstall other security software. If you are still unable to download Norton antivirus on your device then you should dial Norton Customer Support Number for help.

Unable to update Norton antivirus

Updating Norton antivirus is necessary. Updates are the security patches for your antivirus that keep all kinds of threats away. If your Norton antivirus is outdated; your device is not fully protected. The reason for failing to update antivirus can be a lack of space. You can't update your software when you are running out of space. If your Norton antivirus is not updating then check the disk space. If the space is low then remove unwanted applications from your device. Delete large files (like movies, games, etc) that can be downloaded later. Sometimes, junk can also accumulate a large amount of space. You can remove the junk files from your device by running a disk cleanup tool. Follow the mentioned steps for using the disk cleanup tool:

  • Open your device
  • Click on Start menu
  • Type command in the search bar
  • Hit the Enter button
  • A permission dialog box will be prompted on the screen
  • Click on Yes button
  • Now a command prompt will appear
  • Type cleanmgr
  • Hit the Enter button
  • The Disk Cleanup tool will start running and calculating the occupied space that can be reclaimed
  • Wait for completing the process
  • A list of checkboxes will appear on the screen
  • Choose the boxes you want to remove (make sure to check temporary file box)
  • Now click on Okay button
  • Now restart your device and try to install Norton antivirus.

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Norton is offering you round the clock help support as you can face errors at any time of the day. Whenever you get an error, your device can get into danger. So, you should dial Norton Technical Support Number for troubleshooting the error. We have a minimum waiting time and a good error troubleshooting rate. Our expert technicians will listen to your queries and will provide you better solutions. We are aware that many people don't feel comfortable with voice support. We are offering you live chat support for Norton where you can quote your queries and our technicians will resolve your issues instantly.