Concrete is one of the best materials used in construction because it is durable, economical, and long-lasting. But even the tough building material can suffer wear and tear if not properly maintained and protected. Concrete is a porous material and without the proper installation or coating, it can suffer from fine cracks and crumbling over time.

When the building material is compromised and exposed to constant water, it deteriorates rapidly requiring professional restoration services.

For commercial properties where there is constant traffic, it is important to uphold floors and surfaces with waterproofing to prevent them from becoming damaged and requiring costly repairs. Because sealants offer a good level of protection against moisture and weather damage, the question is whether concrete floors should be sealed. With the advice of a professional concrete contractor Oakville residents can learn about the following pros and cons when it comes to sealing tough building materials.

Is It Good to Seal Commercial Concrete

Should Concrete Floors be Sealed?

Concrete floors in the office or any commercial property should always be sealed because it provides the surface with a high level of protection. Not only does it protect against moisture but it also prevents minor chips and cracks that will deteriorate the surface and the material.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of calling on professional concrete contractors to seal those concrete floors.

The Benefits of Sealing Concrete

Sealing Improves Durability and Longevity

For businesses and industrial companies investing in durable flooring and finishes is important because it prevents damages such as scuff, scratches, and chips. To provide the best value and minimize the costs of repairs and restoration, companies need a hard-wearing building solution to withstand daily vigors. Constant foot traffic or the pressure of vehicles, trailers, and operational equipment can ruin surfaces including concrete.

The addition of a seal makes the floor or surface impervious to everyday wear and tear. It protects against scratches, scuffs, and deterioration that would otherwise compromise the integrity and smoothness of the material. Once fine cracks develop in concrete and it is exposed to moisture or constant stress and pressure, it will rapidly deteriorate.

Sealing concrete is not only effective in protecting the material against damage but it is also a way to save on the costs of future repairs and restoration services. A sealant adds a waterproof layer to the material making it impervious to moisture and dirt. This means that you won’t have to cover the ongoing costs of replacing or fixing floors.

Prevents Mold and Mildew

Many are unaware that concrete is susceptible to mold and mildew. Not only can mold discolor the surface of concrete but it also poses a health risk such as respiratory irritation and feeling fatigued or ill when exposed to the substance.

When concrete becomes cracked and chipped, it creates areas for moisture to settle in. The excess moisture contributes to the formation of mold and over time it can spread across the surface.

The application of a sealant protects against mold formation because it is moisture-resistant.

Improve the Longevity of Flooring

The use of concrete has become popular for commercial properties because it is cost effective and hardwearing. For businesses to save on the costs of restorative work or new installations. It is important to have the area sealed. The seal will improve the longevity of these types of floors by protecting it against minor damages that could compromise the integrity of the surface. Floors that are sealed can last up to 30 years when properly applied.

Call a Professional Concrete Installer

Experienced and knowledgeable concrete installation companies can help with the correct types of sealants for all floors and structures. With the expertise of a concrete contractor Oakville communities can benefit from concrete sealants that will protect the condition and the longevity of floors and structures.

Concrete floors are the preferred installation for commercial spaces because it is easy to maintain and durable. Sealants improve the lifespan of surfaces and provide an attractive finish that adds immense value to the property. With expert installation services and the use of a quality sealant, all concrete structures are protected against daily wear and tear, moisture, and general deterioration. Speak to expert concrete contractors to apply lasting sealants with guaranteed quality workmanship to keep your floors and surfaces in excellent condition.


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