The MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the greatest business schools in the country. Its diverse academic program offerings, which include undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree programs, make it one of the best places to get an MBA.


The aim of the MIT Sloan School of Management, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is to nurture the development of creative and ethical leaders in all fields of business who will be at the forefront of innovative, constructive change. From undergraduate degrees through Executive MBA and Ph.D. programs, MIT Sloan provides a diverse range of academic programs. The following are all of the academic programs provided by the MIT Sloan School of Management:

  • Undergraduate degree programs in Management, Business Analytics, and Finance.
  • MBA.
  • Master of Finance.
  • Master of Business Analytics.
  • Master of Science in Management Studies.
  • MIT Sloan Fellows MBA.
  • MIT Executive MBA.
  • Master’s in Engineering & Management through their System Design & Management or Integrated Design & Management programs.
  • Ph.D. programs in economics, behavioral and policy sciences, finance and accounting, and management science are all available.

MIT Sloan Admissions Requirements and How to Apply

You must submit a comprehensive application packet that meets their requirements in order to be considered for admission to the MBA program.
The following is a list of everything you’ll need to apply to MIT Sloan.

1. Cover Letter

A cover letter explaining why you meet the Assistant Dean of Admission’s requirements. It should also be no more than 300 words.

2. Resume

A one-page résumé that includes your schooling, employment experience, and any other relevant details. Sloan asks that you leave your name, address, and phone number out of your resume.

3. Video Statement

As if you were in your first class with your new students, make a video statement in which you briefly introduce yourself. You should discuss your previous experiences and quickly explain why Sloan is the best place for you to acquire your MBA.

4. Letter of Recommendation

Someone who can discuss your professional experiences, abilities, and potential in-depth in a letter of recommendation.

5. References

Two further references who can speak to your professional or academic experience are required.
Their names, contact information, and your relationship with them must all be included.

6. Organizational Chart

It’s vital to have an organizational chart that shows your present department’s and company’s internal structure.
This can’t be more than two pages long. On their website, Sloan provides an example of an organizational chart.

7. Transcripts

Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended or currently attending, are scanned, and uploaded to your application portal.

8. Test Scores

GMAT and GRE test scores, as well as EA, TOEFL, and IELTS scores if you are obliged to take them.

9. Application Fee

Unless you match their criteria for a cost waiver, there is a $250 application fee. Your application will be submitted electronically through the MIT Sloan application portal. You must first create an account, which requires you to input your first and last names, email addresses, and dates of birth, as well as the MBA program to which you are applying.
Top Tips on How to Get into MIT Sloan School of Management
To be accepted for MIT’s highly competitive business school, there are various components to complete as well as prerequisites to accomplish.

Here is some MIT Sloan School of Management admissions advice:

1. Make a list of everything you’ll need to complete the application

This can help you avoid forgetting to add an important document and having to scramble to get it in at the last minute or submitting your application without it.

2. Stay on top of deadlines.

Setting working deadlines for yourself can help you get everything you need well ahead of the application date, making the process of putting your application together more doable.

3. Emphasize the right details.

In your quest to be as thorough as possible with your application, it’s tempting to go overboard with minor details, obliterating some of the most important components of your experiences. Choose carefully what you include.

4. Start your application early.

This will reduce your stress when completing the application, ensure that you reach the deadline, and give you time to consult an expert to confirm you’re on the correct course.

5. Include examples that are consistent with Sloan’s goals and beliefs.

Leadership, teamwork, innovative thinking, and problem-solving are all important to Sloan. It’s critical that the tales you tell in your application show how you support Sloan’s purpose and values.


For its full-time MBA program, MIT Sloan has a relatively short application. Applicants are required to write only one 300-word cover letter in place of open-ended essay questions. The school needs a one-minute introductory video submission instead of many video essays. Being organized and making a strategy to finish your MBA application, as well as sharing anecdotes that demonstrate why you’re a good match for the Sloan community, can help you submit an application that meets all of the standards and makes a good impression on the admissions committee.


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