Banks and NBFCs have a credit card customer care department for the convenience of their clients. If you stumble upon any issues with your card, you can call the customer care number and sort out everything.

You can contact the customer care department for anything, from lost cards, and payment issues to reward points queries. You can also email the customer care department to resolve your queries and get clarifications. Here are some ways to contact the credit card customer care service.

Services by Customer Care

All financial institutions have a good customer care department that handles customer queries. You can contact them through email, phone, and fax. For example, if you have a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card, you connect with the representative at 022-71190900 to resolve your queries. Many such services are provided by the customer care offices of various banks.

credit card customer care

If you have any queries related to your credit card, you can contact them using these contact methods:

1. Web forms on official websites or net banking websites

You must raise a query with the bank’s customer care department before filling out a form. You can contact them on their number, reach out to them using a missed call service, SMS, letter, email, or even contact them using their social media page. Once you have registered your query or complaint, you will get a unique ID on your mobile number, which can then be used to discuss the matter more specifically.

2. Toll-free numbers

Most banks offer these numbers. They can usually be used for credit cards and debit cards. You can contact them to block your card or hotlist them.

3. Email the customer support department

You can contact your bank’s credit card customer care service by using their official email ID. You can find the email ID under the ‘Contact Us’ section of most websites. Most banks have an ‘Email Us’ section as well. Click on it and fill out the details of your query. Send it once you have filled in all the required details.

4. Grievance Desks

If your query is not getting resolved, you can contact the Grievance Officer appointed by your bank to get a quick response. You can contact an officer if no progress has been made on your complaint even after a month. You can find a grievance officer’s address on official bank sites.

5. SMS Support and Live Chat facility

You can contact your credit card company’s customer care via SMS. You can get assistance and resolve your complaints using the SMS support service. You will have to type the necessary code to get assistance from the helpline, and the query must be sent in the right format using the bank’s SMS number from the registered contact number.

6. Toll-Free Contact Numbers for concerns and general doubts

You can escalate the issue by calling or reaching your bank online. If you are not happy with the customer care’s response, then you can raise the issue further by contacting them through other toll-free numbers. You may have to submit your mobile number, your complaint’s unique ID number, and an OTP. You can also call your branch directly to escalate the matter.

7. Call Centres

Many credit card companies have call centers that you can contact to resolve your doubts.

8. Contact bank branches or support executives

If nobody from your bank’s customer care contacts you, you can contact the Service Manager. You may be asked to write a letter detailing your complaint and submit it with a customer ID or credit card number with ID proof.


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