There might be reasons that decide an event’s success. Still, nothing will come closer to audience engagement. According to a survey, 91% of event marketers nodded to this point. Since every event marketer is trying to do something different to make their event stand out, how could you make a mark?

We have some brilliant ideas to ensure that you are creating the best event to engage your event audience and make it a memorable one for all involved. So, let’s get in with it.

Engage In-Person Event Audience -Best Guide for Event Marketers

Ideas To Engage Audience At Your Event

Many ideas are floating around regarding audience engagement at events, but we will ensure that you are assisted with the novel ones.

Social Media Wall

Social media wall for events is a term that has been doing rounds in recent times around events. So, what makes a Social Media Wall such a unique entity.

A Social Media Wall is a distinctive real-time presentation of user-generated content across various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc., on digital screens. This user-generated content is in texts, photos, and videos created by users using a brand’s hashtag.

The uniqueness of a social media wall can be put to the best use in social events by presenting it on big digital displays that engage the audience.

However, this is just the beginning. The overall audience engagement of the event is enhanced multi-folds by showcasing users’ posts on the brand through the social media wall. Witnessing other users on the social media wall, the audience attending the event gets motivated to create posts around the brand to appear on the social media wall. This process spurs up the audience engagement around the event.

Bring In Entertainment Artists

You can engage sketch artists for small gatherings like round table debates. Working with a sketch artist for roundtable talks benefits increasing social media involvement. Your guests will be impressed and post a photo of the artwork on social media.

Magicians provide fabulous entertainment for more significant social events. You may have some downtime between sessions if you organize an important event. However, you want to keep your audience engaged. Some genuinely amazing professional magicians can demonstrate various tricks using cameras.

Offer Interaction Opportunities

It’s impossible to establish engagement if you don’t give the audience the ability to interact with one another.

As a result, always ensure that the audience can interact with others. Chat, one-on-one meetings, and live interactions are all options.

Networking is extremely valuable to the attendees of B2B events. If you provide them with the opportunity to interact with other people, their level of involvement will skyrocket.

Set Up An Eye-Catching Stage

You must ensure that your stage or venue is in top shape and adequately displayed on the screens while your audience watches. You may engage virtual and in-person audiences with your stage/venue and screening procedure.

Make sure your branding is effectively represented, whether setting up your stage or generating your images. It would be best if you also thought about your sponsor’s and partner’s branding, prominently displaying them in areas where they will have the best opportunity to make an excellent first impression.

Collaborate With Influencers

Events with influencers are a terrific method to market your product or business by building buzz around the event and through the many channels used by influencers to engage with their audiences. When you invite influencers to your event, you increase your chances of getting significant internet publicity.

Many businesses and brands form long-term relationships with influencers by encouraging them to serve as brand ambassadors. This is yet another effective method of promoting goods and services. Inviting influencer ambassadors to your business’s event increases your company’s engagement with them. In addition, it allows your customers to form good, long-lasting associations with your brand through the lens of an influencer relationship.

Involve Polling

It allows your audience to participate in live keynotes and presentations. It converts a one-way stream of content into a dialogue, which is critical for broad involvement and makes your lectures memorable.

Ask thought-provoking questions to elicit feedback from your audience. Speakers, for example, can poll the crowd, giving the rest of the audience insight into their peers’ problems.

While this provides a social element to your event, the main benefit comes from the feedback. Speakers can tailor their content based on the responses to this poll. In addition, the input can be utilized to tailor sessions to the most popular themes among the audience.

Wrapping Up

Audience engagement will always be the prime motive of any event marketer hosting an event, given its importance in making an event successful. To ensure that you are holding your audience’s attention in a significant manner, involve a social media wall for sure. Create the best one using Taggbox, which is the global leader in the field of user-generated content and social media aggregation. It has novel customization, personalization, and moderation features that set it apart from the crowd.


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