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Bitdefender is a well-known name for security software. This antivirus is globally famous for providing security solutions. Bitdefender has more than 500 million users around the world. People love this antivirus because it protects their devices reliably. Some top features of Bitdefender antivirus are advanced threat defense, webcam protection, anti-fraud, and anti-phishing, secure browsing, rescue mode, Bitdefender autopilot, safe-files, etc. Bitdefender takes care of your device by every means. It ensures that no harmful threat can enter in your device. It protects your data, device as well as network from all harmful means. Though it offers a robust service, many people still get errors from time to time while using Bitdefender. Most of the errors you face while using this antivirus are runtime errors. These errors can occur due to various reasons and can be resolved easily. A technically sound person can easily resolve those errors but if you are not from the technical background then you can dial Bitdefender antivirus toll-free phone number for help. Our technicians will provide you instant solution for your query.

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The robust interface of Bitdefender will help you to keep your device fully secure from all threats. Getting compile-time errors in Bitdefender is very rare. But there is no time for runtime errors. They can appear from anywhere. Here are some errors that are reported by most of the Bitdefender users.

Bitdefender Error 400

Bitdefender error 400 is a runtime error that mainly occurs due to recent changes on your computer. When this error occurs, your current running program will crash and Bitdefender error 400 will appear on the screen. You may also experience multiple freezes and your input device will respond later. The best method for troubleshooting this error is by restoring the recent changes. Follow the steps mentioned below to "undo" the recent changes:

  • Open your PC
  • Go to the start button
  • Now type system restore on the search bar and hit the enter button
  • System restore page will appear on the screen
  • You may have to provide your admin credentials for making changes on your site

Now click on the OK button and follow the Wizard for restoring your computer. After restoring the changes, restart your PC and open the same program that was showing Bitdefender error 400 to check whether your error gets fixed or not. If your antivirus still giving you errors then you should dial Bitdefender Tech Support Number for help.

How to use the Bitdefender Battery mode feature?

Bitdefender offers you a special mode known as Battery Mode Profile that reduces the power consumption when your device is running on a low battery. But you can only use this feature on your laptop and tablet. Whenever you use your laptop on battery mode; Bitdefender starts running on Battery mode to save your battery. But this mode will not work while you are using your laptop on charging mode. Here are the steps for setting up Bitdefender battery mode:

  • Open your laptop and click on Bitdefender icon
  • From Bitdefender dashboard, go to setting icon
  • Navigate to Profiles tab
  • Hit the Configure button
  • Now you have to make a few adjustments according to the requirement
  • Click on Save button

Now your device is running on Battery Mode Profile where you can save the lots of battery in an account for running your device for a long time.

Bitdefender Error 2318

Bitdefender runtime error 2318 occurs when the registry files get corrupted. These files get corrupt when your device or some files get into malware infection. If you are dealing with Bitdefender error 2318, you will start getting error pop-ups while running any program. You should repair your registry entries before you get into more trouble. But editing registry files is not an easy task. If you are not a technically sound person then you should not make any kind of changes on registry files. Dial Bitdefender customer service phone number and get professional help for repairing your registry files. In case, you want to repair them by yourself then you should take a backup key and then edit the entries. Here are the steps for creating a backup key:

  • Open your PC and click on the start button
  • Go to search bar and type command
  • Now hit the enter button and a permission box will appear on the desktop
  • Click on Yes button; command prompt will be displayed on the screen
  • Type regedit on the command prompt and hit the enter button

A file will appear on your screen. Choose the file related to Bitdefender antivirus and click on the export button. Now save the file with a name in an appropriate folder. The backup key will be saved with .reg file extension. After creating the backup of your key, now you can edit your registry files. But make sure you are editing the correct files; any changes on other files can get you into more errors.

Unable to create Bitdefender file vault

Bitdefender provides you file vault tool that allows you to create encrypted logical drives on your PC. You can secure personal and confidential files on the vault. You can easily create the file vault by visiting the privacy window. Click on file encryption and then click on create file vault. A pop-up window will appear; choose the preferred location. Now provide a name to the vault and then create a password. Finally, click on the create button. Once you create the vault; store your confidential data easily.

Troubleshoot your Bitdefender errors by dialing Bitdefender Antivirus Toll Free Phone Number

Bitdefender antivirus is one of the crucial software programs of your PC. This program holds the security of your data. Whenever you face any error with Bitdefender antivirus; you are compromising with your device and data security. If you don't want to get into any trouble then you should contact Bitdefender Tech Support Number to get professional help from the technical experts.