Supplements have a crucial role in maintaining human health and enhancing overall immunity. A probiotic supplement called UltraFlora Balance, formerly known as Metagenics UltraFlora Plus DF capsules, combines pure, highly viable strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM® strain) and Bifidobacterium lactis with a non-dairy supplement. It is made to offer numerous levels of gastrointestinal support and aids in maintaining a balanced mix of intestinal flora. For optimal stability, the product was manufactured in a freeze-dried form, kept chilled during preservation and shipping, and provided with the most recent viability assay to give you peace of mind regarding its potency. At least 15 billion diverse living organisms will be present in every serving through the expiration date.

Presence of the Most Researched Probiotic Strains

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Why is lactobacillus acidophilus important? You will first see the description of this crucial component of UltraFlora Balance’s 50/50 blend. The University of Rochester Medical Center had made unequivocal claims about the bacterium’s clinically acceptable usage in preventing yeast infections, regulating specific types of diarrhea, and playing a crucial defensive role in fending off the unfavorable effects of antibiotics and vaccinations. While many other probiotics claim various health advantages, Lactobacillus acidophilus is considered one of the most reliable probiotics because several research reports have supported it.

Taking supplements with acidophilus may also have the following health advantages:

  • It may improve the immunological response to some vaccinations.
  • May limit the development of cancer cells
  • May lower harmful LDL cholesterol
  • Help alleviate the signs of irritable bowel syndrome
  • May help with weight loss in combination with a healthy lifestyle
  • May reduces cold/flu symptoms
  • May help reduce allergy symptoms
  • It can be applied to eczema treatment.
  • Beneficial to overall intestinal health

Bifidobacterium Lactis

As the second half of the 50/50 blend that makes up UltraFlora Balance, B. lactis likewise boasts a reputation as a helpful bacteria with an emphasis on digestive health and wellness. This strain is believed to improve digestion, decrease cholesterol, break down bodily waste, and aid in absorbing essential vitamins and minerals. But many specialists agree that it excels as an immune system builder.

B. lactis in immune health is based on its capacity to reduce the incidence and severity of respiratory illnesses, boost vaccine immunity, lower the risk of ulcers, boost T-cell activity where needed, and fortify the immune system. However, its ability to strengthen the immune system is most demonstrated in the elderly. According to a well-known Cambridge study, B. lactis Bi-07, the probiotic in MetagenicsUltraFlora Balance, may boost older adults’ health by enhancing the cellular uptake of monocytes and granulocytes. These two white blood cells aid the immune response in fighting illness.

Necessary Precautions Before Taking UltraFlora Immune Health

  • Make sure medical professionals such as your doctor know you take UltraFlora Immune Health (probiotic capsules).
  • It’s a great idea not to eat too many foods containing lactose as it can increase inflammation in your body and even probiotics won’t solve that issue.
  • Check labels carefully if you have diabetes or high blood sugar. Sugar is present in some goods.
  • If you are expecting or want to become pregnant, let your doctor know. The merits and demerits of utilizing this supplement must be discussed.


Supplements like UltraFlora Immune Health (probiotic capsules) should be kept at room temperature. Consult your doctor or other healthcare professionals if you have any concerns concerning how to store it or if you have any questions regarding its uses.


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