If you are looking to use one or more barcode label printers in the factory, there are a few checklists to help you before using the printer.

Right for you. Check out the questions below and implement them to see if the barcode printer will serve your needs for a long time.

1. Show Ready Mode Barcode Printer Control Panel.

Before using the barcode printer, we need to check the control panel display status. It can be used if there is a ready mode. If there is no ready mode or any error is shown on display, the problem should be solved. check the Lights, Indicators, and error status.

7 Step User Checklist For Use Before Using Barcode Printer

2. Check the printer head and media sensor.

Before using the barcode printer, we check the head and media sensor for dirt. If there is any dirt, then that dirt should be cleaned at the recommended age. Apart from this, we will clean the outside and inside of the printer if there is any dirt.

3. Media check.

Media Check is one of the barcode printers and checklists. So, we will give labels and ribbon checks before use. Barcode tapes and labels must be complete with high quality. The reason is that poor-quality labels and barcodes are harmful to the printer head. Poor quality labels and ribbons have dust.

4. Check the Visual inspections.

Before starting the barcode printer, perform a visual inspection of important features while the printer is still running.

We can check Testing functionality with label feed.

5. check all Test prints from the Barcode printer.

If you find the error that our label information is missing, it may be that the printhead is missing. To check this, from the control panel print the label by doing all print tests and get the missing error from the port print-out label.

6. Check the balance spread and Darkness Settings.

If you find that you are using the head frequently and the barcode scan and visibility are uneven, you should check the darkness and spread of your printer. Make sure the recommended heat and dark settings are correct. An incorrect setting will shorten the head lifetime and increase your costs.

7. check the printer head temperature.

If the temperature of the printhead is high, the printer must be bonded for cooling.

The head heats up due to high-density printing

If the darkness is set too high, the printer head will heat up. After the printhead cools down it will start printing again.

If the printer is located in a hot environment where the temperature exceeds the specified operating range, or if it is exposed to direct sunlight, the internal temperature of the printer may be high.

The printer temperature is 50°C or 122°F.

Barcode printer Safety Check.

Safety is therefore the first priority so Use ESD protocol during printer operation.

Power cable

All cables

Short circuit

Overvoltage etc. should be checked.


Our main aim is to make barcode printers user-friendly and avoid any kind of damage. Increases production productivity. Reducing costs saves time, so if you follow the above checklist, you can increase your productivity significantly. Barcode print more important information.


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