Have you been looking for adventurous and crazy fun activities in Bangalore that spark your mood and suit your vibe? Well, just a couple of minutes to go!

The desire for adventure activities as a weekly pastime has expanded along with Bangalore’s millennial population expansion. The city of Bangalore, fortunately, is home to several locations that provide a great chance to get the adrenaline rush you’re looking for. A few hours’ travel separates some of these locations, providing the ideal weekend vacation. Five adventure activities you must attempt within and around Bangalore are listed below!


1. Breakout Escape Room

You can be sure that escape chambers are a case of surprises, excitement, enjoyment, exploring, critical reasoning, developing, gaming, and comprehending whether you’ve attempted an escape room strategy beforehand or are planning to do so in the future. See that? What else should you call it if not a package, then? Simply put, the goal of an escape room is “exploring yourself.” With just one step in the right direction, an escape room experience will have a lot to offer. All you have to do is start moving right now!

2. Paragliding

You can paraglide at Nandi Hills at the height of 4581 feet above sea level; all you need to do is travel there and try it out with an experienced co-glider. Flights are scheduled for between 10 and 40 minutes, depending on the demand. In addition to the many organizations that provide paragliding training, private instructors are available to assist you; let the adrenaline rush take over as you slowly spiral over the lovely valley with nothing but the chilly wind in your face. Anyone who weighs more than 30 kilograms and is older than 12 years old can try paragliding.

3. Cave Exploration

People frequently travel to Anthargange for hiking, but what makes this hike notable are the rugged hills and exquisitely sculpted caves. An exciting weekend can be had by exploring these caves in addition to the walk. Your heart is racing as you navigate the difficult roads that lead to the caves and their exquisite carvings. The journey may seem straightforward, but careful attention is required to navigate the cave’s twists and turns. Before venturing out to explore the caves, it is recommended to arrange for a guided trip or to employ a local guide.

4. Hiking

Another adventurous retreat close to Bangalore is Savandurga, which you should visit at least once in your lifetime. The enormous monolithic rock is found there. Located 1,226 meters above sea level lies Savandurga hill. Because of this, hiking is very common in this area. You would adore hiking in Savandurga, and it is not at all challenging. If you are interested in experiencing an adventure, you can check out some of the outdoor camps in this area, especially on the weekends.

5. Trekking

Trekkers will find a sanctuary in Bangalore. This is so because there are significant hiking areas all around the city. There are more than 150 hiking trails near Bangalore, according to reports. This is a startling amount, no doubt. In addition, it inspires some creativity. All you need to do to keep in shape is to go on a trek every three months.

Along with improving your health, you also sate your soul’s itch for adventure. You break up the routine of everyday life. Ramanagara is an excellent location for hiking. There are many hilly pathways here, all varying in severity. However, this area does not have any impassable hiking trails. So everyone is welcome! Skandagiri and Madhugiri are two additional popular destinations. They provide the lushest options.

Bonus Activity


This activity will practically roll over you. What better way to defy gravity than to slide down a hill in an inflatable balloon at top speed? Zorbing is just like that. You’re enclosed in a blown-up ball. Transparent describes the ball. You are well-protected from the jolts, heaves, and rattles outside and inside the ball. If you’re adventurous, you can ride this inflated balloon down a hill covered in boulders. It would be a memorable experience. However, zorbing is typically done on flat surfaces.

Bottom Line

Bangalore is developing quickly in all areas, including adventure sports. All you have to do to go on an unforgettable trip, from dressing up like a Spy Kid to becoming a real-life Flying Fox, is head to a well-known location like the Play Arena, select your sport, and start playing!

You’ll enjoy the vacation of your dreams and get in shape. Whether you are a resident or even a visitor, these activities could be all-year-round entertainment!


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